In 2012 aged 49, I discovered the number one regret of people on their deathbed is wishing they had had the courage to live a life true to themselves. It shook me to the core because I knew that was exactly where I was heading.

Not wanting the same fate, I made the decision to reboot my life a suitcase in one hand, a phone in the other. From then on, my heart would be my compass.  Some call it the Hero's Journey for as I discovered letting go of lifetimes of fear driven agendas, meant learning to have faith in myself and in life, something I was in very short supply of. Luckily the rewards far outweighted any discomfort because ever since I have discovered so many unknown faculties I could never have imagined I had. Like our fingerprints we are all born with a very special ability, a unique perspective, noone else possesses.  That is what I have discovered when I wasn't feeling challenged. Besides whenever in doubt, I only had to remind myself  I rather die trying than die with regrets.  Now is the time to wake up to Who We Really Are. The Hero's Journey is fiercely beckoning and I do hope my website will offer you inspiration to live life as it was meant to be; truthfully, joyfully and lovingly!


and may the Light brighten your day!


We are a nation of magi creating with our imagination.
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