There's Nothing Quite As Inspiring As to Feel Inspired

There was a time I couldn't stand poetry. Today I totally get it. Poets are like the cherry on the pie. Ok so you don't need to eat too many cherries either, that's nauseating. Poetry is meant to be read in small doses. Nevertheless, they are divinely inspired and are meant to be savoured slowly. Therefore reading poetry requires patience and a certain amount of presence, something I acquired recently, at least for poetry. Maybe because now I consider myself an aspiring poet. It's not really my niche, I prefer colouring in, but really, I totally get it.  Poets feel into the heart and wait for the whispers to rise from within the mind. It feels so true and real when you hear it. It feels like yourself or you exploring new lands. I get that feeling when I'm walking into a forest or when I cook. You can't force it. You can't control the process. It's about allowing and silencing the mind that blocks inspiration thinking it can't remember to be inspired. No wonder kids can't sit still. They are dying to be inspired. They don't like repeats. They don't enjoy copying or rehearsing or memorizing. When you are inspired, you feel so very much alive because your heart pulsates to the beat of the universe, with passion forever creating waves of bliss. It’s supreme ecstasy even more so because you have mastered fear so you know it’s never going away. You are plugged in, heart and mind are alligned and it feels solid1! 

Just we are all born with different fingerprints, so we are all born with a very special talent. We ALL have a very special talent that we do better than anyone else. That is our gift from the divine light within. We are all geniuses. The day I decided to start following my heart, I became a genius. You too can become a genius. It’s so easy because the only requirement is to start doing what you love most and what comes EASY. Easy is the opposite of disease which is what happens when your follow ego agendas. Stuff that makes you feel important, gives you titles and power.

True power is only realized when originality is finally able to shine through. It restores self-esteem and unknown faculties become alive. For example, you start to recognize you always had a strong intuition that knows what to do. You just didn’t trust yourself or life which is the same thing. But when you are in allignment, tuned into your heart, you are present and you pay attention to the ideas and hints in the words you hear or images you see. Feeling erect, speech becomes clear and powerful as you express your ideas with confidence.

The natural condition of life is to live without fear. Fear is not real and darkness is nothingness. You can never add dark. I learned that from Osho. You can only ever fill the darkness with light. Therefore the nature of life or God is 'light’ and the feeling of light is love. How do we know this? Because we are created in the image of God. It just that before you awaken, you imagine God loves like we have been taught to love; conditionally. But observe in natural. It arises when you still your mind. It even has a sound; Om. No one should ever chant Om like a robot, but wait for Om to arise when you are tuned in. You ever had a massage from someone absent minded? You know what I'm talking about. Tune into your heart, still the mind and Om will arise.  

Once awake, we realize we are mirrored images of God and separation is only an illusion. Our life, our experiences is entirely our universe. The whole of it is a reflection of the content of our mind, manifested thoughts, feelings and underlying feelings. This of course can feel bit daunting at first if you made a mess of it. Fortunately there's more help out there then we can possibly imagine. We only have to ask for it. Is it not said we only need the faith of a mustard seed to move mountains?  We do need to ask however for divine law prevents us from receiving unless we ask. We truly are free in every sense of the word. 


In love and light