Choosing between what feels good and what is right


Recently I had a difficult choice to make and in doing so it has come to my attention that choosing for what  feels good in the immediate future, can be mistaken for what is right. And by right I mean the choice that will deliver our highest potential. The stuff we feel really passionate about. 

Following our heart is by far the scariest of options and every so often I find myself drifting towards escapism when venturing closer to the edge of the unknown, where we come face to face with our fear of failure. Can I really trust myself? Am I good enough? Won't I make a fool of myself when I start teaching? Am I ready? Of course, in theory I know it's ego on a rampage taking my mind hostage because when I'm meditating and truly present, in my heart and tuned in, I'm totally at peace in an exhalted state of bliss. I have to remind myself, I have nothing to prove. Only to be here now, to love and be in service.  

I was quite young, maybe 18 I had a significant dream showing me my state of mind. In my dream I was hopping behind my sister down a path leading towards the edge of an abyss. My sister confidently jumped into the void, no problem at all. I, on the other hand, came to a screeching halt collapsing on all fours at the edge. I was terrified. A fire truck appeared hovering in the void rolling out a ladder leaning on a plank that now bridged the edge of the ravine and the ladder. A friendly fireman came forth who wanted to help me. Walking half way across the plank, he encouraged me to cross the plank. Regardless, I was too terrified and fainted in my dream! 

Years later, when I was about 45, I had another significant dream. In the meantime I had read the ‘Conversations With God’ books of Neale Donald Walsh, which made a huge difference to my understanding of life. This time I was about to be sucked into a HUGE whirlpool in the middle of the ocean. The whirlpool was so large, it even had a cargo ship in it that looked like a toy. As I'm about to go down, I remember to ask God for help. In that very moment, I'm catapulted upwards and I'm flying across the ocean, seeing whales and dolphins swimming under the water. 

There truly is nothing to fear...and I'm the first one who needs to remind myself of it because we live in world of energies that triggers us. That's the reason why meditation is such a must….and breathing deeply.

Lately I have taken a liking to the teachings of Abraham Hicks. Ester Hicks channels higher consciousness which she calls Abraham. Think of Abraham as us in a higher dimension.  Ester has written several 'must read' books, that have become real classics. Amongst them are the best known ‘The Law of Attraction’ and  ‘Ask and It Is Given’. The basic premise of the teachings is that our thoughts are like magnets. We cannot not attract what goes on in our head and what we do not want, is just as attractive as what we want. We truly cannot 'not' be attracting.  When we catch ourselves worrying about something it is usually because we are trying to figure things out that we aren't supposed to figure out. In such instance the solution is to switch our thinking to something that feels good. Anything will do. As long as we feel happy and good, anything we ever asked for, has to manifest. 

Nevertheless as I mentioned before, caution is necessary because all sorts of escapism can be confused for what we really want or what is truly best for us. For example if you don't like to be alone, you could convince yourself a relationship is what you need, whilst what you are really after is to selfishly fill an emptiness. Guess what kind of partner you'll manifest when those underlying feelings are present? We have all been there. I have to date, 2 divorces behind me to prove how right I am. lol... That's why ultimately we have to surrender our will to divine will and have the faith of a mustard seed that moves mountains (and the patience of an angel.....)

God knows. God, or Source Energy or whatever you want to call It, knows us inside out. Best is then, instead of worrying about the details,  to wake up feeling blessed and grateful.  So THANK YOU GOD for everything. Sure as heaven, life will be amazing.

In Love and Light